CEO and Founder - Antoun Toubia
"In genuine PPP programs the investor’s funds are never traded, accessed or touched. Trades take place only when a profit is guaranteed. Therefore there is zero risk to the investor’s capital. 

The purpose for the investor’s capital is simply to:
(a) satisfy trading regulations – which do not permit banks (and Platforms) to use their own assets and 
(b) to permit the Master Trader to have security in place to access a line of credit. 

This line of credit enables the trader to apply leverage – a magnification of value/volume of the trades, leading to magnified profits. A leverage of 10 times is very common. 

The line of credit (leverage) is obtained by the traders using their long-established working relationships and financial credibility at no risk to the investor. No institution would lend multiple times, otherwise."
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"Antoun Toubia is a consultant for Sprinkle Group SA and Pindify SA since 2017.
Antoun is an extremely reliable person. He has managed projects for our companies with really good results."

Tomas Walllin - "Chairman of Pindify and Sprinkle Group"

"Antoun's background led me to confidently invest in UCI GLOBAL a few years ago. In only a short time, I received the dividends and earnings as promised, and find myself in a fantastic financial position, with even more to come! All as promised and described from the beginning - Cash Streams!!"

Les Baxter - "Founding Share Holder of United Capital Investment SA"
"Netzero Enterprises (NZE), as a market leader in sustainable infrastructure and asset development, has been working with Antoun Toubia and his team for over 3 years. We highly value Antoun’s business expertise and acumen."

Kim Forssell - "Chairman Netzero"
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