United Capital Investment (UCI GLOBAL)
UCI Global has direct and exclusive access to contracted Arbitrage Bank Trading. 
Elite investments of SBLC's and financial instruments, generates high yield returns.

What Is A Private Placement Program? 
  • Originated in 1948.
  • Were created to re-build infrastructure after World War II.
  • ​Accelerate Elite and Company capital growth. 
  • ​​Utilise principle traders who are regulated by the SEC and by the ECB.
  • Are by strict invitation only.
  • Have a 40 week duration.
  • ​Generate high yield returns on your capital.
  • Leverage arbitrage bank debts (SBLC) through a secure online trading platform.
How Your Money Is Protected? 
  • Your capital purchases BYC Tokens (digital shares).
  • Guaranteed company Token (digital share) buy-back program.
  • ​​​All directors are signatories on corporate account in escrow.
  • ​​​​​​Capital resides in a non-depleted corporate account in escrow.
  • ​Capital, Profits and Payout all covered by an International Insurance Policy.
  • ​Weekly profits from the Trade Desk deposited by regulated international paymaster into escrow account.
  • ​Engagement of an auditor and an international payment processor to distribute profits to investors.
Who Is UCI Global?
  • Is a private investment company.
  • ​​Operating internationally since its inception in 2008.
  • ​​​Joint ventures with start up companies in raising finance for product expansion.
  • ​Secures exclusive access to elite Private Placement Programs.
  • ​Utilises specialised Tier 1 Banking Master Traders.
  • ​Offers professionalism, first class support and full transparency.
  • ​We personalise and facilitate 40 week and Bullet programs for Elite Investors, Companies and Private Equity Funds.
For a private consultation please contact Marnie Pascoe GD
Email: marnie.pascoe@uci.global
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